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I’ve created three pieces using Adobe Illustrator, all of them for Montana Programmers. The first is a simple logo for the group that can be used online or printed on swag. The other two are designs for the 2017 and 2018 Big Sky Dev Con t-shirts. My goal with each was to combine elements of nature and technology, organic and geometric. I like to get preliminary ideas out on paper and then move into a digital space. For each of the pieces I created for Montana Programmers, I found fonts online that fit the image I was trying to create then I moved into Illustrator to put it all together.

I started working at Arts on Fire – a paint your own pottery studio – the year I moved to Bozeman, nearly 15 years ago. For years the owner and I talked about someday making a website for the studio. Finally, a few years ago, just after I finished my Master’s degree, I had the time to build the website we had talked about for so long. Below is a screen shot of the homepage. I wanted the Arts on Fire website to be easily updated by the studio owner and manager and for that reason, I created it in Wix.

As a graduate student and for a while after I graduated, I worked at the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) as an Industrial Engineer Consultant. One of the services that MMEC offers to small Montana manufacturing companies is facility layout. The goal of facility layout is to design the most efficient configuration possible. It requires understanding the business needs, constraints, and how the user interacts with the process. It may not seem as glamorous as UI/UX design, but they are actually quite similar. Below is an example of a facility layout I created for a Bozeman manufacturing company. I used Visio to create the facility layout.